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By integrating blockchain technology into our supply chain, we want to create greater transparency of our handloom and craft supply chain. Our vision is to go beyond traceability and to use this technology to measure and therefore be able to maximize the impact we can have within our communities.

How it works – data for impact and growth

The blockchain, a database of independently verified transactions which are unalterable once validated and is open to public viewing, provides our conscious consumers with a powerful mechanism for transparency into the sourcing, manufacturing, design and distribution processes of our entire supply chain.

Check / Trace

The blockchain will provide transparency into every stage of our textile manufacturing process. With the simple scan of a QR code, you can trace the journey of your textile - from where the fibre came from, to how the dyeing process was completed, to which artisan wove your textiles, to who finished your final product, to what impact your decision has made on our communities and the environment. This chain can be continued by an eco and ethical conscious consumer to completely map product lifecycle.


As a social enterprise with people and planet at the heart of what we do, we’ve placed ourselves at the epicentre of innovation - marrying the traditional low-tech of the loom with the high-tech of Blockchain technology. Our vision is to go beyond delivering 100% transparency into our process but to work towards understanding and maximising on the impact we can make on our communities. The journey has now begun.