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Let’s Collaborate

If you are a student

If you are currently studying and looking for an opportunity to get real hands on experience with craft, fairtrade, design, business development or supply chain, we offer a number of internship programs. We welcome internships for credit or 3-6 months experience and we're happy to help support your application for funding.

In case you are finishing your final year collections and are seeking sponsorship of materials/textiles, be sure to connect with us as we sponsor a number of projects annually.

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Starting a sustainable circular collection

Starting your own brand or collection and looking for a sustainable textile manufacturer?

Selyn textiles has been working with numerous young brands as we believe in supporting and developing the next generation of designers, creatives and artists. We've mentored, developed and even helped brands reach investors.

We're more than just weavers - we're change makers and truly believe in the spirit of collaboration.

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Large-scale production

Supplying textiles and solutions to larger producers or designers is certainly within our scope pending lead times and commitment to grow.

We aim for long term partnerships as we mobilize and grow with our teams and community.

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