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Artistic collaboration with Kesara Ratnavibhushana

Kesara Ratnavibhushana (b.1983) is a Sri Lankan artist and photographer. He has travelled extensively producing artistic and editorial projects with his work presented frequently in exhibitions and publications. Kesara is a visiting lecturer at AOD and part of the British Council’s steering group for creative economy in Sri Lanka.

Having studied architecture and art history in London and started out as a photojournalist, in 2009 he worked for the Bawa Trust documenting the residence-museums of influential architect Geoffrey Bawa. Since 2011 he has been Photographer in Residence for the Chamber Music Society of Colombo. His current body of work encompasses three themes primarily pivoting around natural ecosystems and the built environment, in addition to commissioned photographic assignments

He is a recipient of the British Council UK's Net//Work residency program for artists and retains international clients Rolex for India & Sri Lanka.

Kesara Ratnavibhushana captures the essence and inspiration which becomes Book 1: The Unfolding Tesseract. A tactile and visual narrative that explores the expression of emotion through colour and how it combines to reflect the influence of the 4 leading female figures of his life. The layers of emotions, personal encounters, relationship and impression each unique, as unique as each fibre and yarn that spun together create the bonding strength.
"This body of work is a construct of colour, the artwork's construction illustrates the connection and influence of each woman and how they ultimately fold together to add strength and meaning to my life", Kesara Ratnavibhushana (Jan 2022)

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