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Book 1: The Unfolding Tesseract

Book 1: The Unfolding Tesseract

Book 1: The Unfolding Tesseract
An exploration of 2D cloth with a 4th dimensional expression portraying stories from hand and heart united by the thread and the power of the handloom. The Unfolding Tesseract evolves across 4 chapters, each characterised by 4 women, who's thoughts and dreams are expressed by the colours and combinations or textures. 

Chapter 1: Chitra - Bright, Interpreted to Hope and Unity
Chapter 2: Sundarika - Beautiful and Pure
Chapter 3: Lashi - Light and soft as a feather
Chapter 4: Vindya - Knowledge and wisdom

All swatches are handcrafted on wooden looms, in a clean and safe environment. Only the finest organic raw materials are used, dyed with non-hazardous dyes, using techniques that meticulously preserve colour, craft and texture. Our commitment to quality reflects our dedication to promoting human growth and development in the communities we serve across Sri Lanka. We are proud to be working with ethical and sustainable production practices, providing a safe and secure work environment in the promotion and preservation of our artisanal craft.